ending hunger, reducing waste
ending hunger, reducing waste

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The Problem

Hunger is alarmingly high in Trinidad and Tobago compared to other nearby Caribbean islands. An estimated 100,000 people or 7.4% of our population are afflicted with hunger 1 . This compares to less than 5% in Barbados, 6.2% in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and 5.5% for the Latin America and Caribbean region2. Yet in Trinidad and Tobago enough food is lost or wasted through retailing3 (supermarkets, street markets, shops and other retail) alone to end hunger altogether. There is a desperate need for initiatives to reduce waste in our twin islands. We are considered by the World Bank4 to be the most wasteful country in the world on the basis of waste generated per urban capita.

1. United Nations 2015 Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, Regional Overview of Food Insecurity, LATAM and the Caribbean; “Hunger” refers to “under-nourishment” which is used to describe the status of people whose food intake does not include enough calories (energy) to meet minimum physiological needs for an active life.
2. 2015 Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, Regional Overview of Food Insecurity, LATAM and the Caribbean, FAO, IFAD and WFP (2015))
3. The Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations
4. The World Bank, What a Waste 2012

About Us

Nourish has been founded by a group of Trinidadians united by a deep concern about the amount of food being wasted in our country. We believe that in a high income country with abundant food, no one should ever go hungry. Nourish seeks to ensure that instead of being thrown away, good food gets to people who need it the most. Nourish uses web and mobile technology to connect food companies (supermarkets, food distributors and manufacturers) that have surplus food to charities in the community that use that food to feed people in need.

Our Mission

To alleviate hunger and reduce food waste in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Our Vision

A more mindful, socially and environmentally responsible society

Executive Directors and Founders

Ms. Neesha Rambharrack (Treasurer) holds a BSc Chemical & Process Engineering (Hons.) degree from the University of the West Indies. She is currently a Senior Facilities & Projects Engineer at Trinity Exploration & Production Limited and has over 10 years’ experience as a Process Engineer and Project Manager at Industrial Plant Services Limited, Neal & Massy Wood Group and BHP Billiton. She is dedicated to serving others less fortunate and causes close to her heart which are poverty, hunger and children's health and well-being.
Ms. Joannah Nelson (Vice President and Secretary) is a Supply Chain Management Consultant and has over 11 years’ experience in supply chain management with specialties in contracts, sourcing and procurement. Ms Nelson’s passion is to serve others. In addition to her working to establish Nourish, she also sits on the board of The Be Good Do Good Foundation, a non-profit organisation working with children's homes, and is the founder and owner of Ambrosia Nectar Cafe, an organic and natural health food restaurant which opened in April 2016.
Mr. Stephen Moodoo (Chief Technology Officer) has over 4 years’ experience in software development including websites and mobile applications. He currently operates his own software company which focuses on developing local businesses. He also volunteers his time and expertise to non-profit organisations and NGOs. Stephen holds a Bsc. Business Computing (Hons.) degree from London Metropolitan University.

Non-Executive Directors

Mr. Vaughn Martin is the Managing Director of Neal and Massy Wood Group.

Nourish is supported by a Food Safety Specialist and a Nutritionist

Ms. Brigette Joseph is a qualified Food Safety Specialist for NSF International, a globally known and respected food assurance brand that protects consumers and enhances business throughout the global food supply chain. In addition to auditing restaurants for NSF throughout the region, Brigette is the Owner and Executive Chef of G Spot Food Truck, a new international gourmet and healthy food truck to hit Port-of Spain and also lectures part-time at the local hospitality institute (TTHTI). Brigette is passionate about developing the culinary industry and supporting the "Green" movement.
Ms. Annick Lewis is a Nutritionist (BSc), Personal Trainer and the Founder of Green Balance TT. Green Balance TT's mission is to improve the quality of life and reduce the prevalence of diet and lifestyle disease which has been growing worldwide. Ms. Lewis is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others and supports sustainability efforts such as recycling, low pesticide farming and supporting local, organic businesses.


  • What service does Nourish TT provide to businesses?

    Nourish TT offers an efficient way for businesses to donate surplus food to charities within their communities. Surplus food is food that is perfectly fit for human consumption but cannot be sold for a variety of reasons (e.g.: fresh produce that will not be sold the next day, short dated product, slightly damaged packaging or mistakes in ordering).
    Using the Nourish TT website, a company can upload details of their surplus food and the date until which the food is available. Charities registered with Nourish are notified via email and can order products until the Availability Date.

  • What type of food companies can sign up?

    We are mainly working with retailers and distributors. While we would love the opportunity to work with all companies and even individuals that have surplus food to donate, at the moment we do not have the capacity to take on all types of donors. We hope to expand our operations in the future to incorporate other food businesses but this will take a bit of time. If you are interested in being a part of Nourish please send an email to info@nourishTT.co so that we can gain a better understanding of your needs and see if we can find matching charities.

  • How do I post a donation?

    1. Click on Donor log-in on the Nourish website to enter the private donor portal
    2. In the appropriate fields, enter product description, units available, best before date, available until date etc. Be as descriptive as possible.
    3. Post the donation! You can see whether charities have accepted the donation on the Packages tab.

  • Where does the food go?

    Nourish TT has been developing relationships with a network of charities to match donating businesses. These charities provide support to many individuals within the community, including; children and youth at risk of food poverty, single parents, the elderly, those who are homeless, those who are going through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, those who are unemployed, women who are escaping domestic violence; and families with low incomes who need help to get by.

    The food provided via Nourish TT ensures these charities and grassroots organisations benefit from significant cost savings, which they can then re-invest in essential programmes to support their underlying mission – such as provision of housing, educational programmes, essential equipment, counselling and provision of life skills.

  • Do Businesses need a smartphone?


  • Does Nourish collect the food?


  • Is the business notified if a charity has ordered the food?

    Yes. The business is notified via email and on the Packages tab when a charity has ordered food.

  • Who is liable in the event that someone gets ill?

    Both businesses and charities must comply with all the relevant food safety guidelines and are both asked to sign agreements to reflect this before they can join Nourish TT. The charity takes responsibility for the food from the point of collection and for ensuring that the food is treated in accordance with food safety legislation. Businesses must only donate food that is fit for human consumption and has been treated in accordance with food safety legislation. The charity has the right to refuse a donation at the point of delivery if they do not find that the donation is suitable for consumption.

  • What service does Nourish TT provide to charities?

    Nourish TT connects businesses that have too much food with charities that have too little. We have developed a platform that makes it easy for charities to get notifications of donations of food that are available in their communities.
    Using our App and website, businesses upload details of their surplus food and specify when the food will be available until. Charities in the community registered with Nourish are notified of donations. Charities can order part or all of a donation, Nourish collects from the donating business and delivers to the charities. Donations are typically delivered the day after orders are placed.

  • Is my charity eligible to register for the Nourish TT donation service?

    The requirements we ask from charities are:
    – They are non-profits.
    – They have, or are willing to implement, a Food Safety Management system
    – They have received relevant food safety training/instruction

  • What type of food is on offer and how much food is donated?

    There is a range of surplus fresh and long life food products on offer. The donations predominantly include dry goods, fresh fruit and vegetables. The size of the donation varies from business to business, as does the food type, but after a few donations you will have a better idea of what to expect.

  • Do Charities need a smartphone?


  • What about Food Safety?

    We have verified that our processes meet with local food safety guidelines. All charities registered with Nourish TT should have a food safety management system in place, which should also include food safety training/instruction. Nourish TT can provide additional advice, if needed. Donated food is typically either "long life food" that is close to its best before date or fruit and vegetables that do not have a specified best before date. Food with a best before date can be used after the date has passed at the charity’s discretion. There is no obligation on charities to take food that they won’t be able to use by the end of the day and that is not suitable for freezing.

  • What is the difference between best before / sell by and use by dates?

    It is important to distinguish between "best before" / "sell by" and "use by" dates. Foods that need to be eaten before a certain time for health or safety reasons have "use by" dates. Food should not be eaten after the "use by" date. On the other hand most foods have a "best before" or "sell by" date. You can still eat food for a while after the "best before" or "sell by" date as it should still be safe but may have lost some quality.

    We will not accept products that are past their “use by” dates but we will accept products that are near or past their "best before" / "sell by" dates providing that the supplier indicates that they are still fit for human consumption.

Donate to Nourish

Nourish Gift Certificates

Now you can give your family, friends and colleagues a gift that keeps on giving! These gift certificates are wonderful presents for birthdays, anniversaries, and just about any other special occasion. 

Every contribution towards Nourish goes towards supporting us on our mission to alleviate hunger and food wastage in Trinidad & Tobago.

Here are the 2 simple steps to getting your Nourish Gift Certificate:

1. Visit any branch of First Citizens Bank to make your deposit to Nourish TT. Bank account number: 2303217

Please remember to include your full name on the bank deposit slip so that we can verify and confirm receipt of your donation.

2. Fill out the online form by clicking here: Online Form

Thank you!