Our mission is to end hunger and reduce food waste in T&T

The Nourish Pilot has launched!

We are delighted to tell you that on 15th February 2016, Nourish launched its Pilot project in Trinidad & Tobago!

We are extremely proud and grateful to be partnered with two high-quality food companies, enabling our charity partners, Living Water Community and Christ Child Convalescent Home, to receive food from two supermarket outlets and a food distributor.

The quality of donations in the first month of the Nourish pilot was truly excellent. On average, items donated had a best before date of November 2016, allowing charities significant flexibility to use the food received to feed people in need.

We are going to be accepting new donors and charities over the coming weeks, so please do register your interest early by contacting any member of the Nourish Executive team via our website or emailing us at info@nourishtt.co.

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This month, France enacted its law banning supermarkets from throwing away or destroying unsold food, forcing them instead to donate it to charities and food banks, we wonder if and when T&T might do the same?
Does this photo of our garbage being burned upset you too?

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